General Enquiries: 

 Q: Are your products Halal?

Answer: All of our products are made WITHOUT Pork or Lard. We are still in the midst of obtaining the Halal Certification.

Q: Are your products Vegan or Vegetarian?

Answer: All of our products are 100% plant-based. We are still in the midst of obtaining our Vegan and Vegetarian certifications.

Q: What makes our chips unique?

Answer: Our Soyami Chips are de-oiled after frying so that there will be zero traces of greasiness. We also opted for the most traditional preparation of kettle chips to ensure that every chip will maintain its perfect crispiness. Most importantly, our chips offer you 50% more protein & 40% less fats than leading potato snacks! Soyami Chips are also specially crafted with sustainable and non-GMO ingredients.

 Q: How do you ensure your Soyami Chips are fresh?

Answer: We do not use any artificial preservatives, instead we maintain the freshness of the product by using good quality packaging. We pack our Soyami Chips with enough nitrogen gas to create a protective atmosphere and seal the pack carefully.

Delivery & Payment: 

 Q: What is the shipping cost?

Answer: We offer free shipping for orders above $30. For orders below $30.00, a shipping fee of $4.28 applies. Applicable for local shipping only.

 Q: When can I expect my order to arrive?

Answer: You can expect your order to arrive within 3-5 working days after it has been shipped. Days calculation excludes weekends & public holidays. 

 Q: Do you accept cash on delivery?

Answer: No, all payments have to be made prior to delivery via our online payment gateway.

 Q: Do you provide international shipping?

Answer: Unfortunately, we do not provide international shipping. We only provide local shipping as of now.



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